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Veneers are extremely thin, translucent shells, which get attached to the front teeth through the usage of a special glue. They are usually made of ceramic, or a plastic-ceramic mix, which is also called composite. In modern dentistry, veneers are used in order to get rid of tooth spaces, broken teeth, discolored teeth, or crooked teeth. They just disappear behind the thin shell. This therapy concept allows the correction of visible teeth, giving them an aesthetic look and adjusting individual tooth color (per tooth), if needed.

The approach, when gluing veneers, is always the same. First, your tooth gets cleaned and (if needed) fillings are renewed and caries is removed. After this is done, the tooth gets slightly abraded, in order to make the veneers look natural on the tooth. If this step would be skipped, the tooth would look to thick. The amount of tooth substance that has to be taken off is dependent on the condition of the tooth (level of discoloring, how crooked it is, breaking point of the tooth, etc.). Then, a precise casting is created, so the dental technician can create a perfectly fitting shell. The time it takes to build/create the veneer can be bridged by applying a plastic veneer. Once the final veneer is created through one of our dental technicians, the fit gets examined, possibly adjusted and then fixated through a special glue. The gluing process takes approx. 20 min per tooth.

We have specialized ourselves on the gluing of these veneers and are producing them in our own dental laboratory in our practice in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Make an appointment for a noncommittal consultation today and get the advice you need from our multilingual team of experts.

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Professionalità, gentilezza, attenzione, serietà e la passione per il proprio lavoro!!! Mi sono sentita subito a mio agio. Grazie a tutto lo staff del Zahnpraxis Dr. Roman Kogan!
Viktoriya@78 Mosca
Eine Praxis, mit sehr schönem Ambiente - Wohlfühlfaktor garantiert. Qualifizierte Ärzte & Helferinnen mit guter Beratung und exzellenter Durchführung ihrer Arbeit. Absolute Zufriedenheit !
liliana pavlovna
Dr. Kogan ist ein sehr kompetenter Arzt und hat sich viel Zeit für mich genommen. Ich bin super zufrieden
Maria Ley
Salutare români si moldoveni! Am fost de mai multe ori la acest Praxis. Este amplasat la 15 minute din centrul Berlinului, S Berlin Friedrichstrasse. Ambianta plăcută, personal educat. vorbitori de limba română, rusă engleza germană ucraineană...
Oleg Step
Sehr gute Praxis mit kompetentem, qualifiziertem und internationalem, gastfreundlichem Personal und positiver Energie an einem malerischen Ort in der Nähe der U-Bahn-Station, ich werde mich freuen, die Behandlung an diesem Ort fortzusetzen. Danke für den herzlichen Empfang.
Ole Ole
I was there for my first appointment two days ago and I was very happy with the service and will definitely come again soon.
Евгений Прохоренко
Very friendly, painless and professional, both dentist and staff. Highly recommended! מאוד ידידותיים, טיפול מקצועי ללא כאבים.. המלצות חמות על הרופא והצוות!
Noa Guez
Freundlicher Empfang, keine langen Wartezeiten. Herr Dr. Kogan nimmt sich Zeit für die Behandlung und arbeitet gründlich.
Marc Krusat
Super Arzt! Sehr zuverlässig und pünktlich. Terminierung ist perfekt.
Juri Pschegorlinski
Был в Берлине осенью 2016 года, очень сильно разболелся зуб - обратился по рекомендации, после посещения клиники и пары часов в кресле - забыл о проблеме.
Виктор Третьяк